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I just wonder what happens to the towels at the White House when a Presidential Term ends?  I’m sure they’re probably given to charity or something… but if not, why couldn’t the towels become a quilt for a dog bed?  If  not my dog bed, then why not upcycle the towels for the presidential pooch?

These quilts can simply be called  something very un-simple Truly Americana, Truly Upcycled Towels, yes putting those towels to use and crafting them into something finer – actually what did become of President Bush’s towels?  I’m sure they are not reused by the next Prestident… hmmm… maybe they are given to charity, or maybe the towels went to Texas.  But I’d love to have a handmade quilt made from those towels (cleaned of course) – they can be cut into squares then sewed together in a prim style…. maybe shapes of stars… or some old apple trees…    …sounds comfy to me.  …for me these wouldn’t have to be plush, I like to just rest my head on flat blankets really – thought I love hopping onto the ottoman for extra comfort.

I’m a dog, so I don’t have those people issues, you know for me, I wouldn’t think this is gross… though I do cross the line with some upcycled/recycled things such as what was discussed -jokingly ?!? – during this thread on an etsy forum



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