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It might seem like an unintentional bark, or a sudden jerk of my voice, but it is SO planned!  I am very keen on understanding what the humans need in order for me to get on that couch! It really is quite simple. I’ll bark out the loudest bark and run to the front door – at this point I don’t want to panic mom too much, so I hold back on jumping at the door window.  OK… I captivated her attention and I can see she’s a bit concerned at what might be beyond that door, outside, in the dark…  hmm… that couch is looking good, I can’t wait to snuggle up by her feet.  Yes!  She moved over a bit, and I am golden.  Who cares if I am a little too big, my head hangs over the side on the couch, her feet are warmer now that they were before.  So I am a happy dog… and I only had to bark out two loud ones this time!!!

Yay!  I'm on the couch!

Yay! I'm on the couch!


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