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Though it is refreshing to shed, because I rid myself of dirty fur and welcome the new, it is usually a spring time occurence that lasts throughout the summer – this is weird. Is it the weather or climate change??? Will this be it for me? And will I adjust, or better will my people family adjust?

Do I shed or don’t I? At this time of year, where I live in Northeastern US, I usually begin to build a nice thick coat to keep me extra warm in the upcoming winter months. But strangely enough I am beginning to purge my coat once again ~ yes, I am shedding. Lots of sweeping around me again…

This is strange, as I said, because I tend to bulk up my fur during the fall months.
So today the weather indicates a late summer day… however it is MID-NOVEMBER! I am watching the peeps around me take out the plants again… they were recently dug up and brought inside… so yes, now that Rosemary is back out. What will tomorrow bring? And when will the snow start? And when can I keep my fur???

As as side note, the more we dogues are brushed, the happier and cleaner we are… you really don’t need to bathe us daily! Some of my dog friends have that happen, but so far, I don’t know any Bordeaux’s that have a bath daily!LOL! … In my opinion, a simple brushing is good and, I practically live for it! So I guess I’ll be getting double-brushings once again because of these strange weather patterns.

Interesting article on NASA.gov about climate change – The Northeastern US is mentioned too 😉 And nicely explains weather & climate.


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It is dark, cold, I’m thinking of the ocean
I want to cast a net over the ocean to the sky above
I want to catch a few stars while on a boat
I am a dog with a cardboard tube
I really like the snow though we are in June
I wonder… is it cold for you too?

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with each exhale I sound
a breath of exaltation
a breath of knowing
soon I will be up again
soon I will be chasing squirrels
a mud bath I long for
the puddles are waiting

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A team on a mission to help animals globally ~ these people are united by craft & as they make, they donate a portion of their etsy sales to help animals.  

EFA Artists Helping Animals is a group of more than 500 independent artists, independent craftspeople, independent vintage suppliers, and independent art and craft suppliers that combine their efforts to provide charitable relief to animals. (http://efaartistshelpinganimals.org/)

Currently, for the month of April the team is focused on helping the organization Siberians Needing Owners.  Because the team is drawn from many sellers on etsy, you can find a variety of items by searching team efa in the etsy search box.  I found this through the search ‘team efa’ (Etsy For Animals):

Nesting Dolls by SavageArtworks.etsy.com

Nesting Dolls by SavageArtworks.etsy.com

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What better way to bring in spring… than to play with a hard-boiled egg.  I love sporadic treats!  This egg simply rolled off the dining room table to me!  Imagine that?  A treat so sweet!!!  I guess the kids were decorating eggs or something like that, because they were a bit upset to lose one… but I carefully cradled the egg in my mouth and brought it outside.   I was immediately let outside… hmmm… I wonder why?!  

This might be fun…  

Beginning to Nose Roll An Egg...






here I am experimenting with nose-rolling an egg…

It really is fun!  You should try it...



  It really is fun! You should try it…
Standing Tall and Proud With My Egg
I am sure standing tall and proud with my egg


now I’m ready to eat it…

Mmmm.... all mine.... yes, the shell and all!

Mmmm.... all mine.... yes, the shell and all!

Happy Spring Everyone!  Now go out and nose roll an egg…

the reward tastes so good…

a little crunchy on the outside, but just how I like my food!

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I got myself into a little bit of trouble today… well I can’t control the weather, and I blame it on just that.  We had a major Thunderstorm last night – didn’t scare me – the storm left lots of enjoyable mud puddles in the back yard and I frolicked throughout the mini ponds as much as I could – only to return to the house with muddy paws & “ugh – these dirty wood floors” (I don’t think they were ever finished with a high gloss anyway).  Boredom sets in when you can’t  play outside as much as one needs to.  So when a nice size ball of cotton twine landed on the floor, I did what any other dog would do – it was mine!  … I can say I am beginning to understand feline behavior now…   

Cooter and CottonSo here I am enjoying the cotton… did Mom say Down?  I can’t hear her…

I needed to floss anyway...I needed a flossing anyway…

Did she just say “Drop it!”???

Too much fun…

funAnd then Mom finally finds her voice!!!  Yay!  I can’t believe it!  She gave it a good one – nice deep voice “Don’t bark at meeeeee!”

MINEDid I bark?  Yeah, I guess I did get a little possesive over this find… so I began to listen a little closer… I got up when she told me to…  

Guess where I am right now?


Yes!  I won again!  

I just love those mud puddles!!!

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…and they are organic!

From the shop profile for WhataDogBakeryDesign.etsy.com:

“What a Dog believes fine dining is for the dogs. We are committed to using high quality, 100% natural and organic, human grade ingredients in all of our treats. We use local ingredients whenever possible in order to lessen our impact on the earth. All treats are artisan and made to order. What a Dog came about when Lauren’s, our resident taste tester, professional pastry chef mom got tired of baking for her fellow humans. Now she’s baking for the dogs.”

Every dog needs a good treat!

Every dog needs a good treat!
















WhataDogBakeryDesign.etsy.com has their resident dog, Lauren, a Jack Russell taste their treats… Sounds good to me!This must be Lauren in the photo… wow, she is a pretty dog!





This random review of a Dog Owner Etsy Seller was brought to you by Cooter LaRouge, March 21, 2009.  If you are a Dog Owner Etsy Seller and would like to be added to Cooter’s Dog Owner Etsy Seller Link list, leave a comment below.

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