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  1. I like butter, lots of melted butter.
  2. I will lie down and wait for my food for as long as it takes, and am very patient while mom is cooking.
  3. I get depressed if I haven’t been given the family food, only my own kind ;(
  4. I chase squirrels.
  5. I am so cuddly, that is all I want to do – cuddle.
  6. I pee and poop in the morning, daily.
  7. I am very good at landscaping the garden.  In particular, I like to pull weeds (tomato plants) and keep the garden pruned.
  8. I play with large sticks – love it when they are thrown for me.
  9. I grew up playing soccer, but I love to chase a thrown ball – the farther the better.
  10. I tire easily.
  11. I am famous on the bike path.
  12. I cry when I am sad.  I do.  Sometimes it is just a wrinkle up of my jowls with a turn downward of the wrinkles around my eyes, this means I am sad.  My 3 year old brother will say “Oh you are so sad –  Oh I love you”  And then I feel better.  
  13. My family means everything to me, they love me and I love them .
  14. Some of my talents include these little “tricks” – I can sit, shake hands, and lie down!  
  15. I run to people I meet and then sit , all shaky with excitement, waiting to be pet under my chin.
  16. I have issues with brissles.  I cannot tolerate having a straw broom in my house – it will be shredded.
  17. I enjoy a good brushing.
  18. I bark like crazy when I am not in the mix, or right there next to my family members when they are in the house, unless they disappear upstairs then I can handle it… but I get all anxious if they are in the living room, and I am in the kitchen.
  19.  I tell stories with my eyes.
  20. I have some other human traits – I snore & I pass gas.
  21. When I pass gas, I get a little concerned – I’m still not too sure what that is all about yet.
  22. I run and jump and have the most fun possible in the snow – I love the snow so much.
  23. I run and jump and have the most possible fun with the kids – I love the kids so much!
  24. And one more… after this… I love all the attention I get, and can always have more….
  25. I am a happy dog.

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