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Letting go

Cooter physically left our world as we know it in December (the 9th).

Letting go is an extremely hard thing to do.

Summer is now here and the yard is full of bunnies, groundhogs and squirrels.

The crows no longer land…


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Cooter PR Book Poster

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Just thinking about inventing a slow-dripping dispenser for big dogs… Maybe a water fountain would actually work.

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eating snow off a fallen tree


This is a photo of me eating snow. It is easier for me to digest than straight water because I am ingesting less at once. At home water is added to my big dog bowl in very small quantities (by the cup full – 2 cups per pour). To make sure I am drinking enough throughout the day, my peeps fill a tall glass pitcher, pouring the water from that, instead of filling my bowl completely. This way they know I’m drinking enough… and keeping the water down, instead of on the floor….  
I do have a bark for water, which is quite straightforward, but the pitcher thing makes them feel good.

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Cooter LaRouge

the dog…

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The more you get to know your Dogue – yes Dogue de Bordeuax, the more you can begin to know yourself. Your limitations, expectations, your level of awareness ~ Are you self aware?

What can a Bordeaux teach you about self awareness?

Take for example the mad-morning rush – let’s say you are a mom of 3 and you are eagerly trying to get ready because you overslept, the kids overslept, the husband overslept. Aha, beginning to see the situation? I’m sure you can relate on some level – here you have to be somwhere -OK a meeting and you are LATE. You quickly feed the kids, the coffee brews, you actually fit in a shower, the kids miss the bus, you are feeding the dog, the dog bowl is full of water.

__________Wait – did I say the dog bowl = FULL?

___________Not with a Dogue de Bordeaux – you just don’t do that – did we forget our own water dispensing process here?

__________The dog has been waiting all morning for that water – all morning – he drinks to his delight and then, as you turn to pour your little cup of coffee he walk right behind you and -oops – he just bumped into me -yes, he just fully bumped into me, from behind, with a completely wet, drenched face (his height is about level to my – well, use your imagination). And Yes, as you can predict he is now full on drooling and wagging that tale because he is super excited that you are hanging out in the kitchen, its play time! And then, the dreaded slobber, he shifts, he shakes, and those lovely strands of congealed drool go flying everywhere, your daughter screams because it lands on her, and there you go, now you have to change your daughters outfit too.

But it is love, and you love your Dogue de Bordeaux.

Did I mention we all made it to work and school?

So what does this have to do with being self aware?

Did I remember to breathe?

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It was about 8am and a blue jay was snipping little pieces from the dog bowl… grabbing and flying, grabbing and flying… crows pecking bit of bread from the neighbors feeder directly into our backyard… I began to realize why Cooter digs holes in various spots in our backyard. It is instant reward. He digs… find bread… eats… and digs again. I was not concerned when I first witnessed the crows hiding food in our backyard. But now… and while this might seem off-topic, now my son has sprained his ankle, again. He sprained his ankle from tripping on a hole in the backyard. While I realize that Cooter digs out the larger more spacious holes for cool ground in the summer – it is these smaller holes that are serious tripping hazards, which are directly from the the dog digging out the stored food from the local crows. So, with a little digging on my part, I piece together this bit about the dog holes and I think I uncovered the root cause as to why my dog digs the smaller holes. Forget about the theories your vet may have told you – I’m onto something! 😉
Side Note: I think I know why he occasionally vomits – that stored bread must be old!

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For those of you who haven’t heard of a dog-bee stand off… it is basically when dog thinks he’s got the bee to play with. The bee thinks she’s got the dog to sting… So they basically both stare at each other, and dog thinks new friend… and pats the bee, the bee maybe stings the dog, the dog still not too sure what to think… lays and waits for the bee to make the next move, it’s been fun… and then… well, in this case, the dog patted the bee a little too hard.

Yep, I like to mess around with the bees. And apparently neither one of us was giving up – this guy and I stared for a long time. Bee lays upside down here, but was still breathing. For a while I was really rigid – maybe I was stung. But I wasn’t giving up the fight – the stand off was mine – I was going to win it.

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