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Time to see the doctor again…

Just a few nights ago, I was awoken to the sound of rapid thumps and pounding sounds.  I was immediately taken back to that night when it sounded like a freight train was running through my house, which was Cooter’s seizure.  

Turns out it was Cooter shaking as he lay beside the oven (his favorite spot-just in front of the back door…I swear he is guarding us), so the noise from his shaking body actually echoed loudly against the gas oven – yes I was worried about a gas leak along with our dog possibly seizing. He has minor shaking here and there and it is so hard to identify whether it is normal dog shakes OR a small seizure.

We give him his space and try to keep it calm for him… a difficult task as there are four kids around him all the time!  He loves his people brothers and sisters so I’m sure he doesn’t mind.  In fact – he loves nothing more than to be right here with us at all times — often like a large bear rug – only he’s a real live dog (albeit the size of a bear) laying on the floor with us!

So the start of this blog, way back in 09, was to write about living with a French Mastiff… who knew that right after choosing to blog, Cooter would have a seizure  – a very large and scary seizure, and then smaller ones, which kept us on pins and needles for years. We were introduced to Canine Epilepsy – very scary – for any size dog, I’m sure!!! But, after a long time, we really felt that we just hated those barbs!  I take that back – it was a love-hate towards the barbs.  They helped, and were much-needed for a long time… but we just hated how Cooter became so drowsy. He’s lethargic enough already, being that he is a Dogue de Bordeaux, and since we discussed this with his doctor, it was the better choice for us to taper him off the Phenobarbitol.  The vet did provide us with a type of emergency kit, should we find him seizing in that manner again. We’ve found ourselves denying it could be epilepsy, thinking maybe it’s Lyme Disease or tainted toys (lead paint)… either way, we will take him to the vet this week because we aren’t sure what happened the other night. And shaking here and there persists… sigh…

Anyway, since having this 140 pound dog full of slobber, dog hair, and LOVE… yes, all that other “stuff” – the flying slobber, the vomiting, the… well you get the idea!Ha!  All that nonsense just goes away when you realize that there is way more love in the air than slobber!  He reminds us all the time.

And here we are–back, writer’s block lifted? MAYBE…


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Just once I’d like to catch that squirrel – If not in real time, then possibly in one of my dreams…

So, like I said earlier, I am on The Barbs to control seizures.  So now when I am having one of my ‘catch that squirrel’ dreams, I am twitching and my legs are in run mode, so meanwhile I am asleep.  My Mom suddenly thinks I am about to seize uncontrollably, and I am just about to catch that squirrel (the one that taunts me from the window daily) and “Cooter, Cooter, Cooter!!!!!”  huh, my eyes open… I’m fine… not a seizure, a dream mom, ugh… the squirrel got away again.

Cooter Asleep Soundly

what to do if your dog has a seizure…  ~ important to stay calm, we are scared enough already… we need our owners to be in control because we aren’t.

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I had a seizure during the summer of 2008. It was quite scary for my Mom, and I had a hard time getting myself into control. Actually I had no idea what was going on. We had a crate, which I used to go into to sleep or just hide out, the door was left open. So when I did have my seizure, I unfortunately was all tangled up in that crate! Hey, don’t crate your dogs if they suffer from seizures! It was my first gran mal seizure, so my parents didn’t know it was coming. Ugh, my head was stuck between the sides of the crate. My Mom was able to push the table aside the crate to keep it together until I stopped seizing. Well, this is the story of how I got on the barbs. Now I take Phenobarbitol twice daily. Eh, it definitely has a calming effect.

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