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Time to see the doctor again…

Just a few nights ago, I was awoken to the sound of rapid thumps and pounding sounds.  I was immediately taken back to that night when it sounded like a freight train was running through my house, which was Cooter’s seizure.  

Turns out it was Cooter shaking as he lay beside the oven (his favorite spot-just in front of the back door…I swear he is guarding us), so the noise from his shaking body actually echoed loudly against the gas oven – yes I was worried about a gas leak along with our dog possibly seizing. He has minor shaking here and there and it is so hard to identify whether it is normal dog shakes OR a small seizure.

We give him his space and try to keep it calm for him… a difficult task as there are four kids around him all the time!  He loves his people brothers and sisters so I’m sure he doesn’t mind.  In fact – he loves nothing more than to be right here with us at all times — often like a large bear rug – only he’s a real live dog (albeit the size of a bear) laying on the floor with us!

So the start of this blog, way back in 09, was to write about living with a French Mastiff… who knew that right after choosing to blog, Cooter would have a seizure  – a very large and scary seizure, and then smaller ones, which kept us on pins and needles for years. We were introduced to Canine Epilepsy – very scary – for any size dog, I’m sure!!! But, after a long time, we really felt that we just hated those barbs!  I take that back – it was a love-hate towards the barbs.  They helped, and were much-needed for a long time… but we just hated how Cooter became so drowsy. He’s lethargic enough already, being that he is a Dogue de Bordeaux, and since we discussed this with his doctor, it was the better choice for us to taper him off the Phenobarbitol.  The vet did provide us with a type of emergency kit, should we find him seizing in that manner again. We’ve found ourselves denying it could be epilepsy, thinking maybe it’s Lyme Disease or tainted toys (lead paint)… either way, we will take him to the vet this week because we aren’t sure what happened the other night. And shaking here and there persists… sigh…

Anyway, since having this 140 pound dog full of slobber, dog hair, and LOVE… yes, all that other “stuff” – the flying slobber, the vomiting, the… well you get the idea!Ha!  All that nonsense just goes away when you realize that there is way more love in the air than slobber!  He reminds us all the time.

And here we are–back, writer’s block lifted? MAYBE…


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For those of you who haven’t heard of a dog-bee stand off… it is basically when dog thinks he’s got the bee to play with. The bee thinks she’s got the dog to sting… So they basically both stare at each other, and dog thinks new friend… and pats the bee, the bee maybe stings the dog, the dog still not too sure what to think… lays and waits for the bee to make the next move, it’s been fun… and then… well, in this case, the dog patted the bee a little too hard.

Yep, I like to mess around with the bees. And apparently neither one of us was giving up – this guy and I stared for a long time. Bee lays upside down here, but was still breathing. For a while I was really rigid – maybe I was stung. But I wasn’t giving up the fight – the stand off was mine – I was going to win it.

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Here I give a quick blurb on how I’ve trained my “master” to chase me around the dining room table (yes, the table that gave me great canine teeth pleasure). Not only does she chase me around the table, she even tries to talk me through my shoe obsession. She thinks she has me trained by “command” – eh, she talks too much. I think I am the one training here. So now, since I’ve exhausted myself by running around the table I get to relax into a state of slumbering, drooling, bliss…

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Basically we are having tangeld up emotions here. For example, the mom of the house would write this if this was her blog:
technically I don’t have to run or work out in the morning: wake up, get tackled by 3 kids, go downstairs, empty dishwasher, load dishwasher, make pancakes, let dog out, see dog vomit, clean dog vomit, break up excessive sibling fighting, hide the wii, finish brewing coffee, clean more dishes, clean another spot of dog vomit, … let dog back in… sigh… now I can eat, oh wait, seems like dog wanted my pancakes, dog back outside,… now I can eat… “Mom, I want another one” more sibling arguments… ahhhh finally eating my breakfast, drinking my coffee, phone rings… OK so I’ve saved money on not having a gym membership, but where is my sanity!

Now, if it were me, I’d say… “uh oh, tummy hurts, need to go out… OK I’m let out… too cold and really strong winds outside, I want in. I’m back in, OK where should I vomit? The couch or the floor? I chose the floor. Geesh, mom should be happy” Then yes, I do try to reach over to the center of the table for the pancakes. Sorry… they smell good. This time when I’m let back out, I shake off the slobber before I come in.

Maybe they are training me to shake my slobber off of my jowls before I re-enter the house? I don’t know, but it worked this time.

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Though it is refreshing to shed, because I rid myself of dirty fur and welcome the new, it is usually a spring time occurence that lasts throughout the summer – this is weird. Is it the weather or climate change??? Will this be it for me? And will I adjust, or better will my people family adjust?

Do I shed or don’t I? At this time of year, where I live in Northeastern US, I usually begin to build a nice thick coat to keep me extra warm in the upcoming winter months. But strangely enough I am beginning to purge my coat once again ~ yes, I am shedding. Lots of sweeping around me again…

This is strange, as I said, because I tend to bulk up my fur during the fall months.
So today the weather indicates a late summer day… however it is MID-NOVEMBER! I am watching the peeps around me take out the plants again… they were recently dug up and brought inside… so yes, now that Rosemary is back out. What will tomorrow bring? And when will the snow start? And when can I keep my fur???

As as side note, the more we dogues are brushed, the happier and cleaner we are… you really don’t need to bathe us daily! Some of my dog friends have that happen, but so far, I don’t know any Bordeaux’s that have a bath daily!LOL! … In my opinion, a simple brushing is good and, I practically live for it! So I guess I’ll be getting double-brushings once again because of these strange weather patterns.

Interesting article on NASA.gov about climate change – The Northeastern US is mentioned too 😉 And nicely explains weather & climate.

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So my people sister tested positive for Type A Flu. Mom was told that this means, as suspected that Moni has the flu. OK. Mom asks, what, H1N1? Well, I didn’t say that, says the nurse, this test was to determine if your daughter had Type A or Type B Flu. She has Type A. Nurse goes on to say how people with swine, or as you say H1N1, test positive for Type A, so there you go. Treat her as you are with plenty of rest, and keep pushing the fluids. She does not have a urinary tract infection, the results of the urine test were normal (except earlier noted dehydration). Mom talked to the nurse a bit more about how Moni was improving, well hydrated, but still feverish. Nurse was glad to hear there is marked improvement. OK, sounds like mom will call if Moni develops anything worse or the symptoms get worse. Mom asked the nurse again about H1N1, and nurse reassures mom that ‘we’ do testing for H1N1 if a child is hospitalized. OK, mom just wants Moni to get better and moves on with this phone call business and accepts Type A Flu as the understood illness. Forget about H1N1, swine.

Here is the burning question??????? And I bet my mom is seriously concerned about this too.

Here it is……….. …drumroll…

How accurate are our statistics if people are not doing specific tests for H1N1 at the onset of learning a person has Type A Flu???

Here are the Center For Disease Control weekly stats on the Flu (Type A):
I understand the whole logical deduction here – Most people with Swine Flu test positive for Type A, but not all people with Type A test positive for Swine Flu. The % of those who do not is near none. And how many people do not get further testing to determine if they have H1N1 (swine)?
BUT – look at the statistic in blue – I took a screen grab from the CDC.gov website – here it is (you can click on the screen grab and read about it clearly):
CDC Stats screen grab

Why aren’t we reporting our statistics more accurately? I mean, my sister might have H1N1, but we just don’t know. If she went to a doctor in another state, let’s say Connecticut, we would be told she has H1N1, based on her symptoms (my opinion only that a doctor would diagnose that way, based solely on hearsay).

Are we not reporting, so we can in fact have lower numbers to report to the World Health Organization (WHO)? I mean what is the deal? Now this is an interesting read from the World Health Organization and may offer some clarification, or just might raise more questions in your mind (click on the screen grab and you can read their documented “Situation Update”)
WHO screen shot - understanding the stats

Remember, this is Cooter LaRouge reporting, good night, and stay well.

Stay Well and Get Plenty of Rest.

Stay Well and Get Plenty of Rest.

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It is dark, cold, I’m thinking of the ocean
I want to cast a net over the ocean to the sky above
I want to catch a few stars while on a boat
I am a dog with a cardboard tube
I really like the snow though we are in June
I wonder… is it cold for you too?

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