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It was about 8am and a blue jay was snipping little pieces from the dog bowl… grabbing and flying, grabbing and flying… crows pecking bit of bread from the neighbors feeder directly into our backyard… I began to realize why Cooter digs holes in various spots in our backyard. It is instant reward. He digs… find bread… eats… and digs again. I was not concerned when I first witnessed the crows hiding food in our backyard. But now… and while this might seem off-topic, now my son has sprained his ankle, again. He sprained his ankle from tripping on a hole in the backyard. While I realize that Cooter digs out the larger more spacious holes for cool ground in the summer – it is these smaller holes that are serious tripping hazards, which are directly from the the dog digging out the stored food from the local crows. So, with a little digging on my part, I piece together this bit about the dog holes and I think I uncovered the root cause as to why my dog digs the smaller holes. Forget about the theories your vet may have told you – I’m onto something! 😉
Side Note: I think I know why he occasionally vomits – that stored bread must be old!


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