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Basically we are having tangeld up emotions here. For example, the mom of the house would write this if this was her blog:
technically I don’t have to run or work out in the morning: wake up, get tackled by 3 kids, go downstairs, empty dishwasher, load dishwasher, make pancakes, let dog out, see dog vomit, clean dog vomit, break up excessive sibling fighting, hide the wii, finish brewing coffee, clean more dishes, clean another spot of dog vomit, … let dog back in… sigh… now I can eat, oh wait, seems like dog wanted my pancakes, dog back outside,… now I can eat… “Mom, I want another one” more sibling arguments… ahhhh finally eating my breakfast, drinking my coffee, phone rings… OK so I’ve saved money on not having a gym membership, but where is my sanity!

Now, if it were me, I’d say… “uh oh, tummy hurts, need to go out… OK I’m let out… too cold and really strong winds outside, I want in. I’m back in, OK where should I vomit? The couch or the floor? I chose the floor. Geesh, mom should be happy” Then yes, I do try to reach over to the center of the table for the pancakes. Sorry… they smell good. This time when I’m let back out, I shake off the slobber before I come in.

Maybe they are training me to shake my slobber off of my jowls before I re-enter the house? I don’t know, but it worked this time.


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