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Cooter LaRouge presents his shorts… “little bits of writing inspired by my life as a Dogue de Bordeaux living with people in America.”



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A team on a mission to help animals globally ~ these people are united by craft & as they make, they donate a portion of their etsy sales to help animals.  

EFA Artists Helping Animals is a group of more than 500 independent artists, independent craftspeople, independent vintage suppliers, and independent art and craft suppliers that combine their efforts to provide charitable relief to animals. (http://efaartistshelpinganimals.org/)

Currently, for the month of April the team is focused on helping the organization Siberians Needing Owners.  Because the team is drawn from many sellers on etsy, you can find a variety of items by searching team efa in the etsy search box.  I found this through the search ‘team efa’ (Etsy For Animals):

Nesting Dolls by SavageArtworks.etsy.com

Nesting Dolls by SavageArtworks.etsy.com

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What better way to bring in spring… than to play with a hard-boiled egg.  I love sporadic treats!  This egg simply rolled off the dining room table to me!  Imagine that?  A treat so sweet!!!  I guess the kids were decorating eggs or something like that, because they were a bit upset to lose one… but I carefully cradled the egg in my mouth and brought it outside.   I was immediately let outside… hmmm… I wonder why?!  

This might be fun…  

Beginning to Nose Roll An Egg...






here I am experimenting with nose-rolling an egg…

It really is fun!  You should try it...



  It really is fun! You should try it…
Standing Tall and Proud With My Egg
I am sure standing tall and proud with my egg


now I’m ready to eat it…

Mmmm.... all mine.... yes, the shell and all!

Mmmm.... all mine.... yes, the shell and all!

Happy Spring Everyone!  Now go out and nose roll an egg…

the reward tastes so good…

a little crunchy on the outside, but just how I like my food!

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Who needs a reason to give Mom a gift?  Any day is really a great day to say “I love you” to your mom.

However, if you want a creative reason to give your mom a gift, celebrate Earth Day by thanking your mom!  

We tried this Spa Kit and it is the BEST organic, earth-friendly “Any-Day Mom Gift”!!!

The soft, luxurious feel of the bamboo fabric along with the therapeutic aroma of the lavender pillow will immediately lift Mom’s spirits.

Tuttie Lou Designs Handmade Bamboo Organic Spa Kit

Tuttie Lou Designs Handmade Bamboo Organic Spa Kit

We cannot emphasize enough how happy mom is for receiving this package of supreme splendor and aroma.  The Spa Kit arrived beautifully packaged, along with labels and tags explaining Organic Bamboo and how to most therapeutically enjoy your Spa Kit.  


A Bamboo Velour Eye Pillow is included which can be used as a cold therapy pack or for heat therapy (very clear instructions were included, but microwaving the pack for heat required less than 20 seconds in our microwave, which varied from the directions, so guessing each microwave time might be slightly different).

Made with bamboo fabric, this is the most beautiful, soft and luxuriously feeling Spa Kit ~ it is packed with intensely relaxing aroma lavender.  

This Spa Kit will melt mom’s stress and lift her spirits as soon as she opens her gift of handmade luxury.  Visit tuttieloutoo.etsy.com today!

tuttieloutooSpa Kit

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